Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing: 2019 Release Wave 2

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Fall is officially here, and as part of the autumn herald, Microsoft is releasing the second wave of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 2019 release next Tuesday, October 1. So far, we have covered what’s in store for:

To finish up our short series on the release, we’re going to go out in style with a focus on slick new features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Tasked with representing their brand’s value among legions of customers and competitors, marketers are busier than ever. The modern marketer must drive decisions with data, personalize outreach to leads and churn out legions of pristine, targeted content that guides the customer journey every step of the way.

To accommodate marketers on their journeys, Microsoft is providing enhancements to their premier marketing automation application in these key areas: simplified processes, more personalization, integrated business applications, actionable intelligence and performance fundamentals.

Enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

  • Marketing support for business units
    • Business unit parent/child model supported at all marketing stages
      • Access to contact records
      • Segment member display
      • Contact insight access
      • Email template availability
    • Microsoft Forms Pro Survey Support
      • Automated segmentation, lead scoring and journey branching based on survey responses
    • Customer Insights Integration
      • New artificial intelligence application that analyzes customer data from Dynamics 365 Sales, Service and Marketing to create segments
      • Data cleansing, enrichment and fuzzy matching features
    • Easy setup for subscription lists
      • Subscription lists accessible from main navigator
      • Direct creation, reading, editing and deletion of subscription lists
      • Addition of lists to subscription forms with subscription list design element
    • Email A/B Testing
      • A/B testing now built directly into application
        • Create and define goals for alternative messages
        • Automated test group establishment in target segment
        • Automated statistical analysis that determines winning message
    • Improvements to Segmentation Experience
      • Segmentation hub that enables quick creation of interaction-based, demographics-based and compound segments
      • Query builder redesign
      • Accurate segment size estimates
      • New views selector
    • Layout Editor
      • Improvements to designing and modifying published content
      • Multi-column layout editor in email designer
    • Microsoft Flow Approval Support
      • Customizable approval workflow to assist with approval process
      • Single-click approval submission
    • Quick Send
      • Ability to send email blasts to target audience with a small number of clicks

To dive deeper into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing enhancements, visit Microsoft’s webpage or view their PDF.

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