Upload multiple attachments in CRM Notes/ annotations with metadata for each attachment- Introducing Notes Manager from XrmForYou.com

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Another outstanding tool by XrmForYou !

Debajit’s Dynamic CRM Blog

It gives me great pleasure to announce the new CRM add-on from XrmForYou stable – Notes Metadata Manager utility from XrmForYou stable.

Well Notes (Annotations) have existed in CRM since pre-historic times. And perhaps one of the most widely used feature in Dynamics till date since its inception. After all it gives a nice way to store your documents along with some notes and description which can be read by CRM users.

However with my many years in consulting, I realized the pain points of customers using Notes as well.

  • Can I upload multiple attachments at one go with Title and description?
  • Can I add new fields in my notes entity (Annotation) to capture some extra information along with Note Title and Note Description?
  • Can I put notes are separate from my timeline control? May be in a separate tab?
  • Can I drag and drop multiple documents in Notes section…

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