MVP’s around the World (2019)

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Update: Updated statistics based on award categories (not people) due to the number of multi-category awardees.

In previous years, I performed some comparisons on the MVP population after every award cycle. So, time to get some fresh statistics after July 2019 award cycle.

For comparison, I had a look at thepublic MVP statistics of July 3rd, 2018 against those of July 3rd, 2019, as the public MVP site was closed the first two days. From the numbers, it is clear that this cycle the number of MVPs went down again, from 3.030 last year, to 2.634 now (-13%).

The following table contains the changes per award category from July 2018 to
July 2019:

Competence Jul-18 Jul-19 Change
AI 58 84 45%
Business Applications 164 166 0%
Cloud and Datacenter Management 303 232 -23%
Data Platform 369 332 -10%
Enterprise Mobility 122 106 -13%
Microsoft Azure 444 409 -8%

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