Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE How to turn off smart matching completely

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Hello Everyone,

There are situations clients complain about the tracking of emails on Dynamics 365.

As you all know – tracking is set through the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook.

Suppose one of the users track the email from Outlook then rest of the emails within that chain will be tracked to “account, contact, opportunity” etc..

What is smart tracking?

According to Microsoft MSDN documents:

“When an incoming email message is processed by the Email Router, the system extracts information associated with the email message subject, sender address, and recipients’ addresses that link the email activity to other Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps records. This correlation process, also known as smart matching, uses the following criteria to match received email message information to email activities:

Subject matching. Prefixes, such as RE: or Re:, and letter case are ignored. For example, email message subjects with Re: hello and Hello would be considered a match.

Sender and recipient matching: The system calculates the number of exact sender and recipient email addresses in common.

 What is the resolution for this not to happen completely?

Its simple let me show you that..
Go to Administration > System Settings > Email Tab > Uncheck the Use correlation to track email conversations.

Then you are good to go.. no more smart tracking, this turn off will be hugely effective when there is sensitive information which might be accessible for other users with in the business.

You can still configure the smart matching expression according to your subject description of your organisations best practices.

I hope this helps

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