{Error Resolution}CRM Organisation is not configured to open Learning path tool in Dynamics 365

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Learning path configured for one of our customer instances started giving the error that CRM organisation is not configured to open Learning path tool:


The configuration which we verified and performed are mentioned below:

1. Settings –> Administration –> System Settings.  On the General tab, Set Enable Learning Path = Yes and Enable Learning Path Authoring = Yes.

2. After that, for individual user Enable/Disable by Settings -> Opt out of Learning path/Opt In of Learning Path.

3. In Office 365 Admin portal ,

Groups -> Selected Learning Path Authors -> Members ->Clicked on Add Members button at the top -> Selected the users

This did not  solve the problem for us. So, we ended up contacting MS support.

Solution Given by MS Support:

Unser Settings-> Administration-> System settings.On the General tab, click on No for Use Custom Help for Customizable entities.

This worked and I was able to operate Learning path.


Hope it helps and happy 365ing!

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