{Quick Tip} 3 Tips for mentoring Dynamics 365 teams and professionals effectively

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In this blog, I am putting up some of the tips that are required to mentor a Dynamics 365 practice based on my experiences and the ones which I have shared from different people doing the same role across different companies, cultures and geographies.


Below is the list of 3 tips:

· Understanding the Action Plan and Goal: It is very important in mentoring to set an Action plan and a goal. The goal and action plan can be for an individual which flows on to a team and then to the entire company. Realistic action plans and goals are very important. Over time, it is very important to take feedback and adjust the ability and way to mentor depending on it. Regular interactions are very important part of forming an effective methodology.

· Being Open and Non-judgmental: It is very important not to have a prejudiced approach for someone you are mentoring. Being open in conversations and non-judgmental is critical in being able to build a healthy mentoring relationship with anybody – may it be an individual or team.

· Motivate and Encourage: It is very important to be motivated and encourage individuals, peers and teams. It becomes even a big priority when things are not going well or a particular module or sprint is not working through well.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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