{CRM 2016 Tips} Understanding the Storage Add-on mechanism for Dynamics CRM 2016 Online

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Thinking of going to the cloud, many customers have lot more data to be moved from their existing systems to Dynamics CRM 2016 online.

The question of storage is one of the most frequent question been asked.


In this quick post, I am trying to explain the current storage options available for Dynamics CRM online.

By default any CRM tenancy has 5 GB available across all instances, it might be combination of multiple sandbox and production instances in one instance.

After you consume this space, you can by additional space:


This is possible to be bought as subscription in multiples of 1 GB. There is a maximum limit to this also: 995 GB.

For more details refer to CRM Online Pricing Guide.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

I will also cover CRM 2016 features in a Video cast. It is totally free! You can read more here: https://dynamicsofdynamicscrm.wordpress.com/2015/12/18/microsoft-dynamics-crm-2016-capabilities-videocast/